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2020-07-16: A Quick Website for HSCrypt  — #005 in the #100daystooffload series:

HSCrypt got a new small website with examples
… an occasion to re-present this quick hack …

Tags: DailyHacks, Privacy, PGP.

2020-07-03: Adding an RSS Feed to This Blog  — #004 in the #100daystooffload series:

Quick OCaml hack to generate some old-school XML.

Tags: OCaml, DailyHacks.

2020-06-28: JackAudio Setup for NI3 Dance  — #003 in the #100daystooffload series:

A post that describes NI3 Dance's live software setup:
All free and open-source software, MIDI and Audio routed with Jack.

Tags: NI3Dance, JackAudio, LinuxMusic.

2020-06-23: Generating OCaml From Michelson Types  — #002 in the #100daystooffload series:

Statically typed interaction between smart contracts and application code:
🖝 code-generator: Michelson-type → OCaml-modules

Tags: OCaml, MetaProgramming, Tezos, Michelson, SmartContracts.

2020-06-20: Comk: Graphical Menus In OCaml  — #001 in the #100daystooffload series:

Re-Introducing the Comk library:
Making single-key and dmenu-like fast graphical menus with an OCaml EDSL.

Tags: OCaml, DailyHacks, Comk.

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