Github-Pages Redirections — Case Insensitivity

Quick-hack: bringing some case-insensitivity to https://tqtezos.github.io/TZComet/

I was asked to rename the project comevitz to TZComet (cf. github.com/tqtezos/TZComet … more blog posts on its implementation soon). I had been deploying development versions to wr.mondet.org/comevitz, but for the real one I used “Github-pages” → tqtezos.github.io/TZComet/.

Of course, people do not handle properly the case-sensitiveness of the paths of HTTP URLs, and links to tqtezos.github.io/tzcomet/ and tqtezos.github.io/tzcomet started being used and 404-shouting Octocats were being displayed.

Github projects are “case-aware” — macOS-style — for instance github.com/tqtezos/tzcomet still goes to the right place, but these redirections do not happen for project-pages.

The Solution: Let's add a bunch of redirections to our website.

Note that I also had to rename the main branch, now chosen by default, (back) to master to make Github-pages actually deploy something (a bug?).

It just works.

I wanted to start playing with variations like TzComet, Tzcomet, etc. but I need to share this repository with macOS people and don't want to be that guy …

After 8 years of blograstination, this is post #8 of my attempt at using the #100DaysToOffload completely unrealistic “challenge” to remind me to write stuff once in a while … Let's see where this goes.