TZComet's New Token Viewer

TZComet and CleanNFT Metadata: a generic token-viewer ☄
Also new domain tzcomet.io 🌠

As the Tezos ecosystem converges around metadata standards for NFTs (a.k.a. Clean NFTs), TZComet now provides a “token-viewer” (already 2 iterations, first blog post …). It also got upgraded to its own fancy domain name: tzcomet.io.

The token-viewer, instead of trying to validate and report errors like the “explorer” does, attempts at nicely displaying as much as possible of a token (NFT or not-non-fungible as well ☺) filling-in for incomplete or erroneous metadata as much as possible.

Some GIF of the token-viewer.

The constraint of talking only to Tezos-nodes and IPFS gateways is still there so of course nothing is pre-computed, but the nice people at SmartPy take good care of their nodes; it's surprisingly fast.

The UI tries to simplify interactions to a few buttons: “random token”, “+ 1”, and “– 1”, but there is a complication with the “Show Potentially NSFW” option. Check the box or be asked every time for an extra click to show images, videos, etc. It is all multimedia coming from anyone on the Internet; anything you can imagine or don't want to … If you want a high-level view of a big set of visual NFTs you can check-out here-or-there.glitch.me by Mario Klingemann (quasimondo.com).

SVGs can also execute arbitrary Javascript code on the page; including phoning-home to track you, or trying to exploit vulnerabilities in your browser.

Here are too many examples:

This is still a 100% OCaml project using the stack described here and discussed here.

There are issues to work on (and many more to report).

After 8 years of blograstination, this is post #12 of my attempt at using the #100DaysToOffload completely unrealistic “challenge” to remind me to write stuff once in a while … Won't lie, keeping this up is hard …