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Workaround For Git-Remote-Gcrypt's Bad Signature

Pretty niche, how to repair broken git-remote-gcrypt repositories …
Hope this helps anyway.
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021.
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I recently switched a repository from git-gpg to git-remote-grcypt, one of the reasons being better support by git-annex (so yes, that makes up a gcrypt::rsync:// git-remote for a git-annex repository, that itself saves encrypted blobs with git-annex special remotes … because why not).

A problem I have, is that once in a while a random pull or push operation fails with the quite frustrating:

| gcrypt: Decrypting manifest
| gpg: Signature made Thu 04 Sep 2021 08:59:18 AM EDT
| gpg:                using RSA key DEADBEEF122345678DEADBEEF122345678
| gpg: BAD signature from "Yours Trully <>" [ultimate]
| gcrypt: Failed to decrypt manifest!

I haven't yet managed to fully fix it (my current guess is that git-annex is trying to do too many things concurrently), but at least I managed to repair it!

Addendum — Sat, 02 Oct 2021: Indeed the problem seems to come from concurrency, I've been running git-annex-sync with --jobs=1 for more than 10 days and I haven't seen the “bad signature” error.

I didn't find any significant help online and, of course, “bad signatures” should not just be dismissed, but in the meantime, here is the workaround in case it helps:

We find the manifest's filename from the git-remote-gcrypt script itself:

 $ grep -E ^Manifestfile $gcrypt_remote_script

(in my case $gcrypt_remote_script is "/nix/store/0wdr7av1zwbb2354a0rakl5rr156r0y7-git-remote-gcrypt-1.4/bin/.git-remote-gcrypt-wrapped" but it is also on GitHub).

Then, basically, get it, decrypt it, and re-encrypt it:

 $ scp $git_host/$gcrypt_repo/$Manifestfile .
 $ gpg -d $Manifestfile > manifest-decrypted
 $ gpg --encrypt -r \
    -u --sign manifest-decrypted

Worth checking that the new signature is good with gpg -d manifest-decrypted.gpg.

Then, just put it back:

 $ scp manifest-decrypted.gpg $git_host:$gcrypt_repo/$Manifestfile

⇒ (Small) Victory! We can push/pull again, and go back to trying to understand the actual problem.