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➲  Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 15:16:47 +0200; Tags: [hack_of_the_day; pdf].

Today's quick and dirty hack is about putting your presentation on-line as a list of images so that anyone can quickly see it without downloading the PDF.
First, be sure you start from something “clean”:
rm -fr slides/
mkdir -p slides/
Then, use ImageMagick to convert your slides into images:
convert -density 200 Presentation.pdf \
    -resize 500x -quality 80 +adjoin slides/slide.png
It creates numbered files slide-0.png, … slide-42.png. So we just create an HTML file containing all the images:
nb=`\ls -1 --color=none slides/*.png | wc -l`
echo "<html><body>" > slides/index.html
for i in `seq 0 $[$nb - 1]` ; do
    echo "<img src=\"slide-$i.png\" />" >> slides/index.html
echo "</body></html>" >> slides/index.html
Here is an example (my latest talk): PDF, HTML/PNG.
Adding the verbose DOCTYPE stuff is left as exercise … ;)

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