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➲  Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 21:26:42 +0200; Tags: [hack_of_the_day; anyweb; coq; ocaml].

I was playing with Adam Chlipala's “CPDT” book and I wanted to take notes on some notations. I also wanted to do it in a Literate Programming way: in a .v Coq file with a familiar and practical syntax …
That's where Anyweb comes into play.
This one-day hack is a simple parser and printer which looks for special string-markers (like (*B and B*) in Coq or OCaml sources) and does stuff (like calling coqdoc or source-highlight) depending on where it is in the source. The transformer uses an automaton and a stack, so any kind of recursive embedding seems possible.
The code is of course self-documenting (HTML, or PDF). The bunch of notes on CPDT which motivated the hack is also available (HTML, and PDF).

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