The brtx Application



Here is the usage information:
usage: brtx [-i file] [-o file] [-help]
	Print version and exit
	Print license and exit
	Output HTML format (default)
	Output LaTeX format
	Get the table of contents (as a Bracetax list)
  -i <file>              
	Set input file (default or "-" is standard input)
  -o <file>              
	Set output file (default or "-" is standard output)
	Output a complete document (with header/footer)
  -title <text>          
	Set the title of the document ('head.title' for XHTML,
	PDF meta-data for LaTeX), requires -doc
  -link-css <url>        
	Add a link to a CSS, requires -html,-doc
  -css-hook <text>       
	Add a class="text..." to all tags, requires -html
  -use-package <name>    
	Use a given package, requires -latex,-doc
	Treat links as LaTeX footnotes with URLs, requires -latex
	Activate the transmission of brtx comments to the output's comments
	(-html or -latex)
	Treat all {bypass} as {code} (security of interpreted web-apps …)
	Do not process the {header| ... } part
	Do not treat warnings as errors (return 0 to shell/make/...)
	Treat warnings as errors (default, return 2 to shell)
	In LaTeX output, put the captions before the tables
	(like LNCS, IEEE, …)
  -help                  Display this list of options
  --help                 Display this list of options


Convert a bracetax file to XHTML:
brtx -html -i file.brtx -o file.html
Convert a file to LaTeX:
brtx -latex -i file.brtx -o file.tex
The option -doc adds header and footer (for both HTML and LaTeX):
brtx -html -i file.brtx -o file.html -doc
will provide the <!DOCTYPE html ... etc.
Transform any string:
 $ echo 'I say {b|Hello} {i|world}{~}!!' | brtx -html
 <div class="p">I say <b>Hello</b> <i>world</i>&nbsp;!!</div>